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Blacktac Pty.Ltd. specialize in the construction of tennis court surfaces, netball court surfaces, driveways, roadways and car parks, and offer our services for laying asphalt, Plexipave, synthetic grass, Polyflex and tennis accessories.

Blacktac Pty.Ltd. is a member of the Sports Contractors Association, the Civil Contractors Federation and the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ltd.

Blacktac Pty.Ltd. offer our services for any of the products on the following pages.

Blacktac Pty.Ltd. Paves the way for a solid future with quality. Blacktac Pty.Ltd. was founded in Launceston on the 24th of April 1975 by Mr. Graeme Midson And Mr Wayne Chugg who are both active working directors today. An experienced team of six provide quality and professional services throughout the state.

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